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Extreme Loading Software from Applied Science International (ASI) is a unique simulation technology for three dimensionally modelling and analysing the demolition of structures subjected to extreme loads: terrorist attack, bomb blasts, earthquakes, cyclonic force winds and other unplanned disasters.

Liberty Industrial trading as ASI Australia is the Australian agent for Extreme Loading for Structures Software from Applied Science International (US).

The software enables us to model specific demolition scenarios long before site work commences and serves as a key risk minimisation strategy for clients with large, technically challenging projects.

By modelling a structure and then running the demolition plan, we can test several different plans and 'what-if' scenarios. The software allows us to visually demonstrate to the client what will happen in any given scenario. The vulnerability simulations that the system generates provide views of assessments that are easily understood by engineer and non-engineer alike. This gives owners and decision makers a clearer perspective on what they need to know to protect their people, their property and their future.

Live Simulation

Extreme Loading for Structures Software can model a building collapse with realistic visualisation of resulting damage and debris. It can be applied to almost any structure from large processing plants to high rise buildings, historical structures, bridges and stadiums. A near-virtual reality scenario allows the viewer to see a full motion video of what will happen whether it’s demolition pre-weakening, a bomb within a building’s perimeter, an earthquake beneath it or a cyclone assaulting it from the side.

  • Simulation of structures’ collapse due to explosions, earthquakes and cyclone force winds
  • Blast analysis and weapons effects
  • Development of threat scenarios for crisis management and first responder planning
  • Seismic analysis
  • Testing of equipment for fail-safe performance under extreme loading conditions such as bomb blast, impact, seismic, and nonlinear moving load

Decision Support

We mitigate the risks inherent in large demolition projects with our demolition consulting services through the use of Extreme Loading for Structures (ELS) simulation technology to develop induced collapse methods.

This covers:

  • Structural vulnerability analysis of infrastructure, building design and reinforcement against blast and progressive collapse, design of defence products and demolition planning and prediction
  • Risk mitigation by using Extreme Loading for Structures (ELS) to simulate collapse of structures
  • Detailed engineering studies
  • Risk management strategies
  • Forensic investigation on failed structures


  • ASI’s Applied Element Method (AEM) coupled with Extreme Loading for Structures (ELS) is the world’s first tool to accurately analyse and simulate ‘real-time’ structural collapse from the point of loading through cracking, element separation, and total collapse. AEM has consistently proven itself to be the best method to track structural collapse behaviour through all the stages of the application of loads, crack initiation and propagation, element separation, collision with the ground and with adjacent structures.
  • The advantage of ELS over all FEM software is that ELS does not have nodal compatibility issues when meshing elements in 3D. This enables us to efficiently solve huge structures using ELS in a short time frame, whereas 3D FEM may take 2-3 weeks computer run time for a single scenario. As FEM cannot separate elements automatically, the results of blast analysis and progressive collapse will never be as good as those provided by ELS.
  • ELS solves problems on a PC within hours or days compared to weeks on supercomputers. Its user-friendly CAD interface allows engineers to solve problems that are usually reserved for professors and scientists.

Key Customers

  • BHP Billiton Iron Ore Pty Ltd - Boodarie HBI Closure Project
    The Boodarie Iron demolition is one of the most technically challenging projects ever undertaken in Australia
  • Rio Tinto Iron Ore
    Induced Collapse Simulation of the Preheat Stack at HIsmelt Kwinana Facility
  • Verve Energy Kwinana Power Station, WA
    Pulling Force Simulation; Ground Vibration (Seismic) Analysis


Extreme Loading® for Structures Software Product Packages:

  • ELS General Engineering
  • ELS Academic Classroom
  • ELS Academic Research
  • ELS Advanced Modules

Refinery Infrastructure Pre Demolition Simulation vs Actual Demolition Footage

Refinery Infrastructure Pre Demolition Simulation vs Actual Demolition Footage  

Briquette Simulation

Briquette Simulation  

Preheater Demolition Simulation

Preheater Simulation Vs Actual Drop Footage  

HBI Reactor Structure Simulation

HBI Reactor Simulation