Copper Cutting Saw

As part of Liberty Industrial’s focus on innovation we continue to strive to develop new systems to make the demolition environment safer and more efficient.

Copper Cutting

One of our latest product developments is a custom built copper cutting saw, developed with our project partners, EA Hire (industry leaders in plant hire). The saw can cut large copper blocks that were previously difficult to downsize for re-smelting. Once cut the blocks can be processed efficiently and cost-effectively.

This technology can be adapted for all smelting processes – for example zinc, lead, nickel and steel.

For more information on how we can assist your business, please download the brochure or contact our office.

Case Study

Our client had a number of copper blocks that were too large to re-smelt in their current form. Working EA Hire we ran trials on the copper cutting saw technology that we had jointly developed to perfect the process. We then delivered the copper saw to the site and processed approximately 2000 tonne of copper over a period of four weeks.

The blocks were cut into manageable sizes and the cutting tool also captured the copper shavings (swarf) to maximise the revenue generated. Our client was extremely impressed with both the process and the outcome. It realised substantial revenue for their business, which had previously been inaccessible.

Copper Anodes Guillotine

Liberty Industrial has developed a copper anode guillotine that efficiently down-sizes spent copper anodes into smaller sections, enabling them to be placed into the furnace for charging, maximising the charge weights.

Case Study

Our client required a more efficient process for disposal of spent anodes on their facility. In order to facilitate this we conducted a trial for down-sizing spent anodes and charging them in a furnace. Once the anodes were efficiently guillotined into smaller, more manageable sizes the weight was maximised for furnace charging.

This will enable the client to process the anodes in a more efficient furnace, allowing them to remove redundant, antiquated plant and equipment creating a more environmentally friendly facility.