Since conception, Liberty Industrial has been a major provider of demolition expertise to mining companies throughout Australia. We have completed many high profile mining demolition contracts.

Case Study: Nelson Point Stackers

Two stackers and reclaimers were demolished and removed on a BHP Billiton iron ore facility at Port Headland. The stackers and reclaimers were pre-weakened and final cuts were completed with the use of explosive cutting charges. Once the structures were on the ground, the demolition activities were completed using a 70 tonne excavator with a rotating shear to cut and process the scrap ferrous materials. Additional 38 tonne excavators with process shears were also used in the demolition and removal activities. The total ferrous scrap generated from the project amounted to 1500 tonne including the conveyors sections, railways lines and stacker/reclaimers.

Case Study: Hay Point Expansion Project Demolition Package

The project involved the demolition and removal of redundant coal handling infrastructure as part of BMA’s Hay Point Expansion Project at Hay Point Coal Terminal. The project was delivered in confined work areas within a live coal terminal facility amongst operational coal handling plant and infrastructure. Liberty Industrial were contracted by prime contractor, Bechtel and the HPX3 Team, to undertake the demolition work package. The scope of work included the demolition of disused coal surge bins, associated conveyor systems, transfer towers and other miscellaneous structures. In addition, Liberty Industrial were also responsible for the development of the dismantling methodology and supervision for the removal of a 400t offshore transfer tower and associated infrastructure.

Case Study: Demolition of Port Kembla Coal Terminal Stacker Reclaimer

The project involves the demolition of a Reclaimer and Stacker at Port Kembla Coal Terminal in order to facilitate the installation of a new Reclaimer and Stacker as part of a restoration and compliance project. The scope of work includes the demolition of Reclaimer RC2 which is to be removed from the stockyard over a bridge and transported to a dedicated demolition area for demolition and disposal. Prior to moving the structure, Liberty Industrial must disconnect the impact table from the reclaimer while it is still within the stockyard and without cutting or damaging the conveyor belt.

Case Study: Swanbank B Power Station Demolition

Liberty Industrial carried out the deconstruction of a 480 megawatt coal fired power station and all structures, plant, equipment and associated infrastructure at the Queensland Government owned Swanbank Power Station site in Ipswich, Queensland. Deconstruction of the power plant included chimney stacks, cooling towers, storage tanks, a boiler house and four boilers, a turbine hall including steam turbines and generators, condensers, a feed water treatment plant, control room, transformers, ash and dust handling systems, electrostatic precipitators and coal handling infrastructure.

Case Study: Munmorah Power Station

The project involves the removal of a 1400 megawatt coal fired power station including four 350 megawatt steam driven turbo-alternators, two 155 metre high chimney stacks, boiler house, coal handling plant and conveyors and 2.3km of ash lines. The project is the largest power station demolition project to be carried out in Australia to date. Asbestos removal works have included the removal of large volumes of bonded and friable asbestos. Complicated encapsulation with the use decontamination units for the friable asbestos removal were constructed for the asbestos found within the control rooms of the station. The works were completed within the programmed time frames. More intensive investigations identified numerous areas of asbestos which were not previously identified, and were removed in consultation with the client. Approximately 30,000 square metres of galasbestos has been identified for removal during the demolition, involving the use of Elevated Work Platforms at heights of up to 40 metres.

Nelson Point Stacker Explosive Demolition

Nelson Point Stacker Explosive Demolition