Oil & Gas

Liberty Industrial is a specialist in the Oil and Gas demolition sector. Our vast experience in the deconstruction and remediation of oil and gas facilities has made us industry leaders in the field.

Our experienced management team has unparalleled experience in the demolition of oil refineries being the only Australian company to successfully demolish an oil refinery. We also have the experience, expertise and equipment to offer comprehensive remediation services for full site rehabilitation.

Case Study: Port Stanvac Oil Refinery

The project involved the demolition of the entire Port Stanvac Oil Refinery including the refinery process plant and piping, storage tanks, chimney stack, flare stacks and other associated above ground facilities such as the office buildings, electrical substations, warehouses, maintenance workshops and control rooms. It also included removal of all the pipework and other oil handling facilities located on the wharf structure.

Never before had an entire refinery demolition project been attempted and it was left to Liberty Industrial to pave the way for others to follow.

A detailed hydrocarbon containment and asbestos removal process was carried out. Well managed programming and logistics ensured that asbestos and hydrocarbon related risks were abated, allowing demolition works to progress.

Situated directly off the Gulf St Vincent, one of Exxon Mobil’s main concerns was the impact on the surrounding coastline and this was a key factor in developing our methodology.

Liberty Industrial carried out the demolition works using mechanical methods including an arsenal of excavators ranging from 36 to120t, with state of the art demolition attachments.

The Liberty Industrial health and safety behavioural culture was examined and audited continuously throughout the project. Upon completion it was testament to the whole team that not one incident of any magnitude was recorded.

Case Study: Clyde Refinery Removal

The demolition and removal of all redundant refinery infrastructure at the former Clyde Refinery including refinery processing units, plant and pipework, chimney stacks, storage tanks and buildings. A combination of techniques from traditional mechanical demolition and oxy cutting through to mechanically induced collapses and controlled implosions were employed.

Liberty Industrial assisted the client with the preparation of documentation critical for obtaining development consent from the NSW Department of Planning & Environment due to the refinery’s status as State Significant Infrastructure.

A comprehensive inspection and validation strategy was adopted to identify the hydrocarbon associated hazards throughout the refinery. The information was invaluable in the development of risk mitigation strategies and the implementation of adequate control measures.

Clyde Refinery Doco

Clyde Refinery Documentary