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HCT shortlisting

Harbour Control Tower Deconstruction a contender for World Demolition Award

Liberty Industrial’s Sydney Harbour Control Deconstruction Project has been shortlisted as a finalist for a World Demolition Award

5 September 2017 – Liberty Industrial’s Sydney Harbour Control Tower Deconstruction Project has been shortlisted as a finalist for the 2017 World Demolition Awards in the ‘Urban Demolition Award’ category.

The World Demolition Awards are part of the annual Word Demolition Summit, the leading annual event for the world’s demolition industry. Now in its ninth year, the major international event celebrates excellence an innovation within the demolition industry.

The Urban Demolition Award recognises projects carried out in an urban environment that are unusually complex or demanding. Projects in the Urban Demolition Award category were judged on criteria relevant to demolition in an urban environment such as community relations and impact minimisation including the control of noise, pollution and disturbance.

The project involved the deconstruction of the 87-metre high landmark Sydney Harbour Control Tower on Barangaroo Reserve. Liberty Industrial was appointed to remove the tower following the proposal of an innovative and carefully considered deconstruction methodology designed to minimise the impact on local residents, businesses and visitors to the parkland where the tower is situated.

Liberty Industrial’s methodology was unlike any other performed in Australia to date, combining the erection of a custom built heavy duty work platform with remote-controlled Brokk demolition excavators. Achieving minimal disruption to the local community and upholding rapport with project stakeholders was critical to the success of the project.

Liberty Industrial Director Simon Gill said that the project showcases Liberty Industrial’s demolition engineering capability and commitment to innovative technologies. “The project highlights our commitment to the use of world best technology and our desire to bring innovative and cost efficient solutions to our clients. This project is a first for Australia and it demonstrates our detailed planning and in house demolition engineering capability.”

This will be the fifth consecutive year that Liberty Industrial have been nominated for a World Demolition Award. Liberty Industrial’s projects have won awards the last three years in a row including the inaugural World Demolition Award in 2014.

The winning projects will be announced at the 2017 World Demolition Summit held in London on the 2nd of November.

Munmorah Power Station Boiler Demolition

Explosive Demolition of Munmorah Power Station Boilers

Liberty Industrial carries out the controlled explosive demolition of Munmorah Power Station Boilers

Sunday 21 May 2017 - Two of Munmorah Power Station’s boilers were demolished today using controlled explosive demolition techniques.

The boilers are the largest demolished in Australia so far. They also represent the largest explosive demolition undertaken anywhere in Australia to date. Weighing in at 23,000 tonnes and 60 metres in height it is the heaviest structure to be demolished using explosives in Australia.

Contracted to carry out the demolition of the entire power station, specialist contractor Liberty Industrial used a controlled explosion to bring the boilers down. Following the successful demolition of the chimney stacks in March, the blast is the second of three explosive demolition events to be carried out during the course of the power station’s removal.

The demolition of the 60 metre high, 23,000 tonne boiler house was achieved utilising an engineered induced collapse technique. The process involves a carefully designed and calculated sequence of structural pre-weakening followed by the detonation of strategically placed explosives charges to collapse the structure in a predetermined direction. The technique was used to safely reduce the structure to suitable height for mechanical processing.

Liberty Industrial’s giant demolition excavator will be put to work processing the debris. The machine boasts the largest demolition shear anywhere in the world and will make light work of the large steel members associated with the heavy boilers.

Liberty Industrial Director Simon Gill praised the project team for their efforts. “Another great result for this project. The detailed engineering and meticulous fashion in which these structures were prepared are testament to the calibre of our project team”.

Stephen Saladine, Managing Director of Generator Property Management said “The planning and execution for this activity is a credit to the team. The management of such an event is one that requires many individuals and we’re proud of the progress to-date, for an environmentally friendly outcome.”

One last explosive demolition event is planned for 2017 with the demolition of the remaining boiler house scheduled for September 2017. The removal of the power station is expected to be completed by September 2018.

Munmorah Chimney stacks

Explosive Demolition of Munmorah Power Station Chimney Stacks

Liberty Industrial carries out controlled explosive demolition of Munmorah Power Station chimney stacks

26 March 2017 – The landmark chimney stacks at the former Munmorah Power Station are no longer standing. The 155m-tall stacks were demolished today using controlled explosive techniques. The demolition was carried out around 10:00am with the structures safely grounded in a matter of seconds.

Contracted by Generator Property Management to carry out the demolition of the entire power station, specialist contractor Liberty Industrial used controlled explosive demolition techniques to bring the redundant chimney stacks down.

The toppling of the chimney stacks is part of the broader Munmorah Power Station Removal project being carried out by Liberty Industrial and the demolition of the stacks marks a significant milestone in the works.

Many months of planning and consultation were undertaken in the lead up to the demolition of the stacks with Liberty Industrial’s project team working closely with SafeWork NSW and a number of other government regulatory authorities.

The demolition of the stacks was achieved by selectively removing a section at the base of each stack and then placing explosives to remove the adjacent panels to ensure the stacks fell safely in the intended direction.

Liberty Industrial Director Simon Gill said the method of demolition was carefully considered to ensure the safety of the surrounding community and minimise any environmental impacts from the blast. “Our key priority is always safely. The execution was carefully planned to control the direction of felling, and potential impacts such as noise and dust were managed in the most proactive way possible.”

“It is very pleasing to see that the detailed engineering and planning undertaken to ensure the safe removal of the chimney stacks has been vindicated” said Stephen Saladine, Managing Director of Generator Property Management.

Demolition of the power station will continue and is expected to be completed by September 2018. Two further blast events are planned for 2017 with the explosive demolition of the power station’s boilers.

Duck river award

Liberty Industrial Wins World Demolition Award Three Years Running

Liberty Industrial's Bridge Dismantling Project wins a World Demolition Award

3 November 2016 – Liberty Industrial have won the Contract of the Year Under US$1M Award at the at the 2016 World Demolition Awards for their Duck River Bridge Dismantling Project carried out for Viva Energy earlier this year.

The award recognises high profile demolition projects that imposed major challenges to successful completion or required an innovative demolition approach. The project was commended by the judges for its complexity, tight timeframe, meticulous planning and execution.

The project involved the removal of a redundant 70 metre pipe bridge over the Duck River at Viva Energy’s Clyde Terminal facility. The bridge was lifted onto a barge, floated down Duck River and landed at the Terminal wharf using a combination of mobile cranes.

Careful planning and precision execution was paramount to the successful delivery of the project. Access to the bridge with a barge and tug boats was dictated by tidal constraints leaving a narrow window of opportunity to access Duck River and dismantle the bridge. The crew also faced the challenge of carefully navigating critical infrastructure en route.

Two other Liberty Industrial projects were shortlisted as finalists for this year’s awards. Liberty Industrial’s Clyde Refinery Removal Project was shortlisted in the Contract of the Year over US$1M category and their Hamilton Wharves Demolition project was a finalist in the Civil Demolition Award category.

This is the third consecutive year that Liberty Industrial have won a World Demolition Award. They took out the Industrial Demolition Award alongside the overall World Demolition Award in 2014 and the Explosive Demolition Award in 2015.

“Being recognised with a World Demolition Award is the highest honour a company in the demolition industry can receive. We are thrilled to be able to bring one home three years in a row” said Clinton Dick, Director of Liberty Industrial.

Liberty Industrial Director, Simon Gill, said “The quality of projects competing for the awards is very high. This win for the third consecutive year reaffirms the high standard of the projects that Liberty Industrial are routinely delivering.

Viva Energy Distribution and Engineering Manager, Vince Neville, congratulated Liberty Industrial on the win. “The Liberty Industrial team were meticulous in planning and executing the demolition and given the outstanding result from a safety and environmental perspective, the recognition they have received is certainly warranted,” said Vince.

CLinton Dick 2016 Executive of the Year finalist

Liberty Industrial Director a Finalist for Executive of the Year Awards

Liberty Industrial’s Founding Director has been nominated a Finalist in the prestigious CEO Magazine Executive of the Year Awards

11 October 2016 – Clinton Dick, Founding Director of Liberty Industrial has been announced as a Finalist in the Building & Construction Executive of the Year category for The CEO Magazine's Executive of the Year Awards.

Australia’s most prestigious business awards, The CEO Magazine’s annual Executive of the Year Awards celebrate Australia’s leading executives and the contributions they have made to their companies.

Clinton has been shortlisted for the Building & Construction Executive of the Year Award, an award recognising the achievements of senior executives in the Building and Construction industries.

Building & Construction Executive of the Year Award finalists were judged on their achievements and initiatives like their approach to sustainability, organisational continuity in the event of an economic downturn in the construction sector, initiatives they have established and their vision for the future of the company.

One of four finalists to make the cut, Clinton is a stand out candidate amongst his competitors in contrast to his fellow category finalists who work in the residential building industry.

Clinton founded leading deconstruction and remediation contracting business, Liberty Industrial, in 2008. His leadership and expertise has been critical to the growth and direction of the award winning contracting business known for its ability to safely and sustainably deliver large and complex deconstruction and remediation projects.

Clinton said he was pleased to be nominated as a finalist. “It’s a great honour to be selected as a finalist for the Building & Construction Executive of the Year Award, especially amongst such professional and experienced senior executives.

Winners will be announced at the 2016 CEO Magazine Award’s night held at the Four Points by Sheraton at Darling Harbour on the 24th of November.


World's Most Powerful Demolition Shear

Liberty Industrial’s new GXT 2555R Shear the Most Powerful Ever Built

3 October 2016 – Liberty Industrial have commissioned the largest and most powerful mobile shear ever built. The new Genesis GXT 2555R is the first of its kind and a game changer in the demolition industry.

With a cutting force of more than 3000 metric ton, the custom made GXT 2555R attachment will mechanically shear large heavy steel structures with ease and is capable of cutting through a 48 inch steel I-beam in a single bite.

The latest addition to Liberty Industrial’s state of the art fleet of demolition plant and equipment, the shear was custom designed and manufactured in Superior, Wisconsin by Genesis specifically for Liberty Industrial’s Liebherr R994 demolition excavator.

Weighing in at more than 31 metric ton the shear is perfectly paired with Liberty Industrial’s giant Liebherr R994, bringing the combination to a gross weight of more than 260 metric ton. The shear itself is a jaw dropping 7.85 metres in length and 2.9 metres tall. It has a jaw opening of 1.4 metres and a depth of 1.4 metres.

Through investment in world class purpose-built machinery like the GXT 2555R Shear, Liberty Industrial is able to safely and efficiently deliver the largest and most technically challenging demolition projects heavy industry has to offer.

Liberty Industrial Director Clinton Dick says the GXT 2555R is perfect for heavy industrial demolition projects like the demolition of oil refineries, power stations and mining infrastructure. "This technology will make the demolition environment a safer and more efficient workplace.

“The recently refurbished 994 and the new GXT2555R is the most formidable demolition rig anywhere on the planet. In the few weeks we have seen this rig in action the results have been eye watering”.

The shear is making its debut at Liberty Industrial’s Munmorah Power Station Demolition Project. The project involves the removal of a 1400 megawatt coal fired power station and is the largest power station demolition project to be carried out in Australia to date. The shear will be put to work processing large structural steel members associated with the heavy boilers, turbine hall, precipitators and filter fabric structures.

The obvious key advantage is that we can now demolish substantially larger and heavier structures without the need to pre-weaken them, reducing any reliance on working at heights and removing the risk of personnel pre-weakening structures” says Liberty Industrial Director Simon Gill“Reducing the need for working at heights and the removal of personnel from the demolition work face has been the corner stone of our risk minimisation strategy. The arrival of the GXT 2555R further reinforces and strengthens that strategy”

John Caligari

DERT Welcomes Lieutenant General John Caligari

DERT appoints retired Australian Army Lieutenant General John Caligrari AO, DSC as a Non-Executive Director

12 September 2016 – DERT is proud to announce the appointment of retired Australian Army Lieutenant General John Caligari as a Non-Executive Director to the Board of Directors.

Drawing on his extensive experience in risk management, strategy, planning, project management and command and leadership both within Defence and without, John has quickly embedded himself as a highly valued member of the DERT team.

A skilled problem solver, John provides a unique perspective in terms of engaging with and adding maximum value to DERT’s operations. His high level strategic knowledge and hard won capacity for providing ‘big picture’ oversight on large scale projects are invaluable in guiding the development of innovative solutions for DERT’s forward thinking clients.

John’s appointment to the Board also offers valuable support and guidance for DERT’s upcoming bid to serve as prime contractor on the Defence Site Maribyrnong remediation project. The DSM works are currently at the Expression of Interest stage as Defence seeks to shortlist appropriate companies for a proposed 2017 tender program.

Project Director and fellow board member Peter Murphy said “John’s approachable, level headed nature combined with his wealth of practical experience in some of the most complex and challenging environments imaginable provides the entire DERT team with a trusted and experienced mentor and advisor. His depth of experience at the real life interface between Defence and Industry will be invaluable as DERT looks to build innovative solutions for our clients’ complex problems”.

A Strategy and Leadership Consultant, LTGEN John Caligari has a wealth of experience in demanding environments, especially on operational service overseas and at the highest levels in the Department of Defence. His last seven years in particular have been at the interface between industry and Defence, particularly as Chairman of the Rapid Prototype Development and Evaluation Program Board.

Caligari said “seeing firsthand DERT’s high standards, professionalism and strong organisational culture made accepting the appointment an easy decision for me. I was particularly impressed by the direct influence of the leadership down through the company and the responsiveness and confidence this enabled in decision making down to the lowest levels.”

“I’m looking forward to working with the team to design and implement truly innovative remediation and deconstruction strategies, particularly on the many Defence sites where contamination, environmental and heritage issues are particularly complex and require careful management in conjunction with Defence.”


Liberty Industrial & OPEC Systems Form Joint Venture

Liberty Industrial and OPEC Systems join forces for Maribyrnong Defence Site Remediation Project

22 August 2016 - Liberty Industrial has joined forces with OPEC Systems to provide a full spectrum of integrated demolition, remediation and civil contracting services for complex sites with elevated safety, environmental and engineering risk profiles. Known as the DERT joint venture, an acronym for Deconstruction, Explosives and Remediation Technologies, the joint venture was specifically developed to fit the multi-layered needs of the Defence Site Maribyrnong project.

Alliance partners OPEC Systems and Liberty Industrial, along with a carefully selected team of specialist subcontractors, will combine their unique capabilities to tackle what will undoubtedly be one of the most challenging and complicated site remediation projects ever undertaken in Australia.

With a history accrued through 100 years of mixed Defence activities including munitions manufacture, equipment testing, research activities and explosives storage the project comprises a complex tapestry of interwoven risks and challenges for whoever is awarded the task of remediating the site for its eventual use as a residential development.

Liberty Industrial and OPEC Systems have been providing specialist contracting solutions to the Department of Defence for several years in highly specialised fields such as chemical weapons handling and destruction, hazardous waste management, CBRNE solutions, UXO detection and clearance, complex demolition and contaminated site remediation works.

During the past 18 months the groundwork for a comprehensive solution has been laid. OPEC Systems and Liberty Industrial, each recognised and highly experienced specialists in their respective fields, have created DERT to realise the benefits, and indeed the necessity, for a unique collaborative joint venture effort.

The joint venture is a reflection of OPEC Systems and Liberty Industrial’s shared mission to offer practical, client centric and highly specialised services to key clients at sites where traditional demolition and remediation solutions will simply not have the capacity or level of sophistication required to adequately manage the risks.

“The joint venture delivers a unified, progressive, collaborative and innovative solution,” said Peter Murphy, Director of OPEC Systems. “The combined capabilities and assets of the two companies, are extremely complementary. There is tremendous synergy in this joint offering and our clients and stakeholders will benefit greatly from this purpose built alliance”.

>“Synergistic benefits also exist with regard to the union of each company’s highly skilled key personnel who are combining under the DERT banner to create a capability unparalleled in the Australian site remediation arena” said Liberty Industrial Director, Clinton Dick. “The team is comprised of experienced professionals with the hard won credentials and industry experience to deliver the project in a safe, reliable and effective manner”.

Explosive Demolition Award Logo

Liberty Industrial Take Explosive Demolition to New Heights

Liberty Industrial have received a World Demolition Award for the controlled explosive demolition of the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere

11 November 2015 – Liberty Industrial’s Omega Transmission Tower Demolition project has been awarded the Explosive Demolition Award at the 2015 World Demolition Awards.

The awards, held at the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam on Friday evening recognise excellence and distinction in the demolition industry. The annual event attracts thousands of demolition professionals from across the globe each year.

The Explosive Demolition Award is reserved for unusually complex or demanding demolitions involving the use of controlled explosives. Industry experts judged the projects submitted on the complexity of the project and various safety, environmental and stakeholder outcomes.

The Omega Tower stood an astonishing 432 metres tall. It was the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere at the time of its demolition earlier this year, and remains the tallest structure demolished in the Southern Hemisphere to date.

Contracted by the Department of Defence to carry out the delicate operation, Liberty Industrial used carefully calculated prepatory oxy cutting and explosive cutting charges to sever the tower’s cable support stay plates and release the select guy cables, bringing the redundant naval communications tower safely to the ground.

This year’s win follows the success of Liberty Industrial’s HIsmelt Closure project, which took out a double win with two awards at last year’s World Demolition Awards. The project won both the 2014 Industrial Demolition Award and the overall 2014 World Demolition Award, the award recognising the best of the best across all 2014 award categories

“We're extremely excited to win this award” said Liberty industrial’s founding Director, Clinton Dick. “It really showcases Liberty's diversity and skill set within the demolition industry.”

Hammerhead Crane Deconstruction Project

Liberty Industrial Director Confirmed Speaker for World Demolition Summit

Liberty Industrial's Clinton Dick will present a Project Report at the 2015 World Demolition Conference on the Deconstruction of the Garden Island Hammerhead Crane

30 October 2015 – Liberty Industrial Director, Clinton Dick, will present a Project Report at the forthcoming 2015 World Demolition Conference to be held in Amsterdam this year.

The Conference, which takes place on the 6th of November, is part of the annual Word Demolition Summit hosted by Demolition & Recycling International.

Now in its seventh year, this annual event is recognised as the leading international demolition industry event, attracting thousands of demolition professionals each year.

The event will bring together a programme comprising all things demolition include demolition project case studies as well as issues and trends currently affecting the demolition industry.

Clinton will be presenting a Project Report covering the deconstruction of the historic Garden Island Hammerhead Crane; a high profile and complex dismantling project that Liberty Industrial carried out for the Department of Defence earlier this year.

Both of Liberty Industrial’s Directors are regular speakers at the World Demolition Conference and this is the third consecutive year they have been invited to take the stage.

To view the conference programme or find out more about the summit visit the World Demolition Summit website.

clean up

Liberty Industrial Exhibiting at CleanUp 2015

Liberty Industrial is exhibiting at CleanUp 2015, the 6th International Contaminated Site Remediation Conference

11 September 2015 – Liberty Industrial will be exhibiting at the 6th International Contaminated Site Remediation Conference being held at the Crown Conference Centre in Melbourne, from 13-16 September 2015.

The biennial conference is an international forum for sharing and discussing all things remediation, attracting scientists, engineers, regulators, contractors, manufacturers and other environmental industry professionals from all over the world.

The event, hosted by Australia’s Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (CRC CARE), has become a ‘must-attend’ event for people involved in the remediation industry with over 700 delegates attending.

David Wood, General Manager of Liberty Industrial’s remediation and civil division said the event provides the company with an opportunity to promote their growing remediation capabilities and engage with others involved in the remediation community.

"The CleanUp Conference is a great platform for us to showcase our expanding remediation capabilities and our team is really looking forward to connecting with other contaminated land professionals and letting them know what we can bring to the table.”

“The event has contributed a great deal to advancing the remediation profession and shaping the future of the industry so it’s just great to be involved.”

To find out more about the CleanUp 2015 Conference visit the CRC Care website.

2015 WDA logo

Liberty Industrial makes Shortlist for World Demolition Awards

Two of Liberty Industrial’s projects have been shortlisted for this year’s World Demolition Awards

3 September 2015 – Liberty Industrial have been named a finalist in two categories of the 2015 World Demolition Awards.

Liberty Industrial’s Omega Tower Demolition and Hammerhead Crane Deconstruction projects have both been shortlisted for the 2015 World Demolition Awards. Both projects were completed by Liberty Industrial for the Department of Defence earlier this year.

The awards are held as part of the annual Word Demolition Summit, the leading annual event for the world’s demolition industry. The summit celebrating excellence and innovation within the demolition industry. Now in its seventh year, the event attracts thousands of demolition and recycling professionals to Amsterdam each year.

Liberty Industrial’s Garden Island Hammerhead Crane Deconstruction project, a high profile dismantling project carried out at Sydney’s Garden Island Navy Base, has been shortlisted as a finalist for Contract of the Year over US$1 million. The project involved the deconstruction of the giant dockside crane and the salvage of its heritage significant components.

Liberty Industrial were also shortlisted in the Explosive Demolition Award category with the demolition of the Omega Transmission Tower, a redundant naval communications tower in Victoria. The tower was the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere at the time of its demolition and remains the tallest structure demolished in the Southern Hemisphere to date.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Liberty Industrial have had landmark projects shortlisted, with the their HIsmelt Closure Project taking out a double win at last year’s awards, winning both the industrial category and the overall world demolition award.

“We are thrilled to see another two Liberty Industrial project shortlisted” said Simon Gill, a Director of Liberty Industrial. “Particularly our Omega Tower Demolition which showcases our expanding explosive demolition capability.”

“These nominations already represent success for us” he said. “The fact that our projects have been shortlisted four years in a row now is reflective of the calibre of project that we are routinely delivering.”

The Liberty Industrial team are eagerly anticipating the announcement of the winners at the awards gala dinner at the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam on the 6th of November.

To find out more about the World Demolition Awards visit the Demolition Summit website. 

clinton 2

Liberty Industrial Director to judge Word Demolition Awards

Liberty Industrial’s founding Director is appointed to the 2015 World Demolition Awards judging panel

8 July 2015 - Liberty Industrial’s founding Director, Clinton Dick, has been named among a panel of leading demolition and recycling industry figures to judge the 2015 World Demolition Awards.

The awards are held as part of the annual Word Demolition Summit hosted by Demolition & Recycling International. Now in its seventh year, the annual summit attracts thousands of recycling and demolition professionals to Amsterdam each year.

The 2015 judging panel is made of some of best known individuals in the demolition industry worldwide. Clinton is joined on the panel by highly regarded industry leaders including Henrik Bonnesen, Dan Costello Patrick Frye, William Moore, Pilar de la Cruz Romero, William Sinclair and John Woodward.

Clinton is a highly regarded demolition and industrial closure expert. He has extensive experience with large scale, technically challenging demolitions within the mining, oil and gas and other heavy industrial sectors and has led the delivery of some of the industry’s most demanding demolition projects ever undertakenWhen asked about his appointment to the panel Clinton said “It’s an honour to be invited to join a panel comprised of esteemed demolition professionals, and to represent the demolition professionals in the greater Asian region”.

Bringing together a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise, the judges will be tasked with deciding which projects showcase the best the demolition industry has to offer. The shortlisted projects will be announced in September, with winners honoured at a gala dinner in November.

To find out more about the World Demolition Summit visit the Demolition Summit website. View Media Coverage.

Reactor and Stripper Structure demolition

Refinery Processing Unit Demolition

Liberty Industrial carries out the controlled explosive demolition of refinery infrastructure

June 2015 – A 65m tall (213 ft), 1,500 tonne structure previously used in the refining process has been demolished using controlled explosive techniques.

Specialist contractor Liberty Industrial demolished the unit as part of the Clyde Terminal Conversion Project which involves demolishing and remove redundant refining infrastructure, as well as other works to improve the environmental and operational performance of the Terminal. Liberty Industrial’s team has been systematically removing redundant infrastructure at the former Clyde Refinery in Rosehill, NSW since January.

In the lead up to this demolition event, weeks of meticulous planning and consultation was undertaken by the project management team, working closely with the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Planning and WorkCover NSW.

Using state of the art risk mitigation technology, Extreme Loading for Structures demolition simulation software, the team were able to demonstrate to key stakeholders how the structure would react prior to executing the task. Explosives were used to fragment four of the structure’s seven reinforced concrete foundations and forcing the structure to hinge over the remaining supports, collapsing the structure as planned.

Protection measures were employed to reduce the disbursement of debris caused by the explosive charges. Measures included both at source and secondary protection in the form of conveyor belting, chain link fencing and geotextile preventing damage to nearby facilities. Comprehensive planning, careful engineering and precise preparation delivered a successful outcome for Liberty Industrial’s project team, with the structure safely grounded in a matter of seconds.

Project Manager, David Wall, said the success of this latest Induced collapse is a credit to the whole team. “Everyone played their part, from the oxy cutters who methodically carried out the structural pre-weakening to the explosives specialists - it’s a pleasure to work with such committed and professional individuals” he said.

Planning and preparations are under way for future, controlled explosive demolition events. View Media Coverage.

Omega Tower

Demolition of the tallest structure in the Southern Hemiphere

Liberty Industrial carry out the demolition of the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere for the Department of Defence.

23 April 2015 - At a staggering 432 metres high, the Omega Transmission Tower in Darriman, Victoria was the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere until its demolition on April 22nd, 2015.

Contracted by the Department of Defence to carry out the demolition, Liberty Industrial used explosives to bring the redundant Naval communications tower to the ground.

In the lead up to the blast, Liberty Industrial’s project management team prepared comprehensive blast management plans and detailed work method statements as well as other documentation critical for safely managing demolition works involving the controlled use of explosives.

The project team, including experienced explosive demolition experts, structural engineers and a licenced shot firer, carefully engineered and precisely execute the safe and controlled demolition of the structure.

Explosive cutting charges were used to sever the tower’s inner support cables, causing the lattice truss tower to destabilise and collapse upon itself in four large sections.

As a precaution, traffic on the adjoining South Gippsland Highway was halted for a short time while the demolition was undertaken and representatives from Victoria Police, Worksafe and the Department of Defence attended the demolition to observe, record and support the project.

Once the structure was safely grounded and all explosive charges accounted for, the team began clearing the site of debris. A 36 tonne excavator was mobilised to process the steel structure before removing the material from site for recycling.

Project Manager, Todd Solomon said that Liberty Industrial’s relevant experience and stringent safety and environmental standards were likely key factors in their appointment to the project. “Liberty were well placed to see the tower was safely and reliably removed having recently completed the demolition of the Garden Island Hammerhead Crane for Defence.” “We have demonstrated experience with large scale, technically challenging demolitions and we understand this type of project extremely well” he said.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence and Federal Member for Gippsland, the Hon Darren Chester MP told media that the demolition was completed successfully and without incident. “Our primary concern was to make sure that the demolition was conducted safely, and I am pleased to say that we have achieved this goal” he said.

The 432 metre Omega Tower is the tallest structure demolished in the Southern Hemisphere to date. View Media Coverage.


Double Win for Liberty Industrial at World Demolition Awards

Liberty Industrial take out the Industrial Demolition category and the overall 2014 Demolition Award at this year’s World Demolition Awards.

Amsterdam, 6 Nov 2014 - Liberty Industrial have scooped up both the Industrial Demolition Award and the 2014 World Demolition Award for the demanding deconstruction of the HIsmelt Iron Smelting facility in Kwinana, Western Australia.

In addition to the Industrial Demolition Award win, Liberty Industrial were bestowed the highest accolade a winning contractor could receive, taking out the 2014 Demolition Award, an award recognising the best of the best across all 2014 award categories.

Liberty Industrial’s Directors Clinton Dick and Simon Gill were presented the award at this year’s World Demolition Awards held at the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam, the annual event celebrates global excellence in the demolition industry. View Media Coverage

MS Sydney to Gong Ride

Liberty Industrial's Clyde Refinery Decommissioning Team Peddle for Charity

A team of 10 strong cyclists from Liberty Industrial 's Clyde Refinery Decommissioning project tackle the MS Sydney to the Gong ride, a 90km trek from the southern suburbs of Sydney into ‘the Gong’.

Starting in St Peter’s Park on a cool spring morning the riders followed the picturesque eastern coast line, through Botany Bay over the Captain Cook Bridge, through the Royal National Park, over the sea cliff bridge, and into Wollongong. With head winds gusting up to 35 km per hour the guys battled on being forced to lean into the wind to simply stop them from being blown of their bikes. The hilly terrain took its toll on the riders as the mid morning sun hit 25 degrees celsius. All 10 riders successfully completed the course and retired to the Towradgi Beach Hotel for copious amounts of liquid antiseptic before the support crew assisted them in getting back to Sydney

The MS Sydney to Gong Bike Ride is the largest mass participation event on the NSW cycling calendar. Money raised by MS Sydney to the Gong participants provides essential day to day assistance and support to people living with Multiple Sclerosis. The annual event, organised by MS Australia, raises millions of dollars for people living with Multiple Sclerosis, a debilitating neurological condition which randomly attacks the central nervous system. View Media Coverage