Ballina Asbestos Gravel Remediation

CLIENTBallina Shire Council

Liberty Industrial was engaged by Ballina Shire Council to remediate asbestos contamination at their Waste Management Facility. Ballina Shire Council as part of their landfill diversion strategy accepts clean concrete, bricks & tiles which are processed by screening and crushing to create a recycled roadbase product that Council can use on site. The processed materials undergo routine testing for asbestos and unfortunately there were some asbestos fibres detected in three discrete stockpiles of roadbase and also in some roadbase materials that had been placed for a future treatment area at the facility. Ballina Shire Council’s own facility cannot accept asbestos soils so its only option is to remove the material to another licenced facility for disposal.

Liberty Industrial was the preferred tender for the remediation of the site. Liberty provided its own AS1 Licensed Site Supervisor for the project in accordance with NSW WorkCover regulations. Liberty also engaged a local consulting firm to undertake asbestos air monitoring and provide a Licensed Asbestos Assessor (LAA) for clearances once the stockpiled material has been removed from site.

Project works involved establishing a defined stockpile loading zone and decon areas for workers. All the stockpiled material was loaded into trucks for transport to licensed landfill for off site disposal. All the trucks are NSW EPA licensed for transporting regulated waste. The truck also have sealed tarps for asbestos transport and a water cart on site ensured all the material is watered down and no dust created. Each truck load was tracked using individual waste tracking dockets. Approximately 2,500 tonnes of material was removed from site and Council provided with clearances by the LAA in the nominated areas. Liberty completed all works on time and budget with no dust issues or any exceedances on site boundary air monitors.