Bayswater Power Station USTs


The project involved the decommissioning of two 20,000 litre and one 30,000 litre Underground Storage Tank at the Bayswater Power Station site in Muswellbrook, NSW. The works were carried out in accordance with the NSW EPA Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS) Regulation 2014

Ground Penetrating Radar was used to accurately determine the exact locations of the tanks and various services. This has proved critical in ensuring protection of vital services to the facility.

One 30,000 litre Diesel Underground Storage Tank and one 20,000 litre petrol Underground Storage Tank were decommissioned insitu. Their removal not being practicable as the excavation was likely to undermine adjacent stores building footings and a significant high pressure water main. The Diesel tank was cement slurry filled and the petrol tank had previously been decommissioned and filled with fly ash.

The remaining 20,000 litre unleaded Underground Storage Tank was removed from the site, this tank was cold cut and cleaned using a high pressure tank head cleaner to remove any residual product from the tank. A gas free certificate was obtained and the tank was destroyed on site and added to metal recycling skip bin, along with other pipework.

Following decommissioning and site assessment works a report was prepared as required under clause 15 of the regulation.

The 2 week program included time associated with stand down for classification and validation testing requirements. Approximately 150 m3 of hydrocarbon impacted soils was disposed to licensed landfill as General Solid Waste.

Provision of the final reports was undertaken by environmental consultant, Environmental Strategies following additional sampling and analyses.