Bunbury Outer Harbour Site Demolition

DURATION3 months
CLIENTIluka Resources

The demolition of redundant infrastructure at Iluka Resources mineral sands storage facility located at Bunbury Outer Harbour in Western Australia.

Works included the demolition of 7 above ground storage tanks averaging from 10 to 15 metres in diameter and up 18 metres high, above and below ground conveyor systems, and all inground concrete structures including tank bases and concrete piles to a depth of 1.7 metres below ground surface.

A 48t Excavator equipped with a third member Genesis shear attachment was used to cut and the tank walls and ground/demolish the tanks in a controlled manner. The scrap metal was then processed to a size suitable for transport and loaded out to a nearby recycling facility.

20t - 30t excavators with bucket, grab and rock-breaker attachments were used to carry out the demolition and removal of the slabs, conveyors, piles and tunnels. GPS land surveys were conducted to determine the exact depth and location of the piles.

Radiation inspections were performed to assess potential NORM contaminated materials, including all scrap, soil, minerals and some parts of conveyors which required thorough cleaning prior offsite disposal.

The scope of works also included the removal of 13,000 tonnes of NORM contaminated minerals that were situated within the silos, the removal and recycling of 6,000 tonnes of heavy steel, concrete and bitumen, the relocation of office demountables, the removal of asbestos containing materials present in sections of pipes and tunnels and remediation activities which included the importation of approximately 2,000 tonnes of clean backfill material to level and recontour the site.

A geo survey scan was carried out across the site following completion of demolition works to identify any remaining below ground structures.

As a result of the high standard of work carried out by the project team, Liberty Industrial has been engaged to carry out a number of subsequent contracts for Iluka Resources throughout Western Australia in locations such as Eneabba, Narngulu and Gin Gin.

Induced Collapse of Conveyor Systems at Bunbury Outer Harbour Mineral Sands Storage Facility

Induced Collapse of Conveyor Systems at Bunbury Outer Harbour Mineral Sands Storage Facility