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Caltex Townsville Terminal

CLIENTParsons Brickerhoff/Caltex

Liberty Industrial was engaged by Parsons Brinckerhoff for the demolition and remediation of the former Caltex Townsville Terminal site. The Terminal had been vacant and closed for approximately 10 years when Caltex commissioned the decommissioning and demolition of all above ground structures and remediation works to decontaminate and reinstate the site and enable divestment.

The project involved the decommissioning, demolition and removal of all redundant fuel terminal infrastructure along with the remediation and reinstatement of the site. This included demolition and removal of 8 aboveground storeage tanks, and all associated pipework along with the demolition and removal of all site buildings, gantry, storage sheds and a rail siding as well as the decommissioning and in situ abandonment of a former offsite underground fuel transfer pipeline and the remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils and groundwater.

The project also involved hazardous materials removal including the removal of asbestos, SMF and PCBs. Removal of all hazardous wastes safely and efficiently including the removal of extensive numbers of asbestos gasket materials from pipework. All works were completed in line with the tendered schedule and stakeholder expectations. Project resource recovery exceeded 97% of all wastes generated during the works.

Liberty Industrial’s resource recovery efforts achieved the following:

  • Treatment and disposal of 1,000,000 million litres of waste water to trade waste
  • Cleaning, flushing and degassing of site above and below ground pipe infrastructures
  • The processing and recycling of in excess of 600 tonnes of steel from across the site
  • The salvage and recycling of over 50 tonnes of hardwood timber
  • The breakup, loading and removal of 4,000 tonnes of concrete for recycling
  • Construction of bio-pile and successful treatment of approximately 100 tonnes of hydrocarbon impacted soils

Townsville Terminal Time Lapse

Townsville Terminal Time Lapse