Demolition & Remediation of Loose Fill Asbestos Insulation Affected Properties

LOCATIONHolbrook NSW, Abury and Narrandera NSW
DURATION7 months
CLIENTNSW Public Works

Liberty Industrial has been engaged by NSW Public Works Advisory to undertake demolition and remediation of 12 Loose Fill Asbestos Insulation affected residential properties located in Holbrook, Narrandera and Albury.

The project involves the design and construction of a fully enclosed impermeable enclosure for each property to ensure no loose asbestos fibres escape during friable asbestos removal works. An independent Licenced Asbestos Assessor (LAA) will be assigned to each property to witness and endorse these enclosures and provide interim and final clearance certificates as the project progresses.

Once all internal stripout works have been completed including the removal of wall and ceiling linings, interim certificates will be issued by the LAA and the interior of the property will be entirely covered in a blue tinted paint as an extra precautionary measure. These works will be witnessed and endorsed by NSW Public Works Advisory prior the next phase of works commencing.

Upon completion of asbestos removal works, demolition and soil remediation works will commence. The property will be fully demolished including footings and nominated ancillary structures. 100mm depth of soil from the entire footprint of the house extending to a distance of 1 metre from the exterior gutter line around the perimeter of the house will be excavated and disposed of as asbestos contaminated soil.

After completion of all asbestos removal, demolition and remediation activities the LAA will undertake soil sampling at a minimum 12 locations to assess if any asbestos contamination remains on the property. A final clearance certificate will be issued by the LAA and property will be deemed rehabilitated to the fulfilment of the scope specification.