Project Profiles_Eneabba

Eneabba Mineral Sands Mine Pre-Concentrator Plant Demolition

CLIENTIluka Resources

The project involved the demolition of the PC07 pre-concentrator and plant refuelling station at Iluka Resource’s Eneabba Mineral Sands Mine site. These demolition works formed part of the greater of rehabilitation process for the mine through the removal of redundant infrastructure.

Prior to demolition works commencing, a radiation survey of the structures was undertaken to identify if there was any naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) contained in the structure or processing equipment. NORM contaminated material that was found to be above the threshold was cleaned and washed before being disposed of. Material that was unable to be de-contaminated was disposed of at the onsite licenced radiation landfill site.

The demolition of the four storey pre concentrator steel structure was conducted using a controlled collapse of the structure as seen below. Other works included the removal of salvage items, the demolition and removal of loose plant and equipment adjacent the pre-concentrator, demolition and removal of three above ground storage tanks, demolition and removal of plinth foundations and tank foundations.

Liberty was then engaged to demolish the refuelling station nearby. This involved the removal of four 60,000 litre diesel tanks, three 10,000 litre oil tanks, a workshop shed and associated concrete slabs. During demolition it was discovered that hydrocarbon contaminated soil was found beneath the concrete slabs, this was dug out and placed aside for remediation. On completion of demolition, the site was track rolled and re-contoured.