Project Profiles_Camden

Former Camden Gasworks Remediation

DURATION3 months

Liberty Industrial were contracted to conduct remediation works enabling the future redevelopment of the former Camden High School site located in Camden, NSW. Remediation works were required on portions of the site associated with the former Gasworks which operated at the site between 1911 to 1974. Subsequent to the closure of the gasworks, the site was incorporated into the Camden High School in 1975. The school was in operation until 2001, and has remained vacant since this time.

Historical investigations identified elevated concentrations of gasworks residue in soil at the site. In 1997, limited remediation was conducted which involved the placement of the gasworks residues in an on‐site containment cell.

Current remedial works are being conducted by Liberty Industrial to remove the need for ongoing long term management of contamination at the site, and to enable redevelopment of the site.

Liberty Industrials activities on the site include the following:

  • Preparation of management plans including Remediation Works Plan, Traffic Management Plans, including daily onsite vehicle movement plans, Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Plans;
  • Preparation of Asbestos Removal Controls plans, provision of dilapidation surveys and reporting on neighbouring properties;
  • Completion of service location activities and excavation permit procedures;
  •  Site establishment including site security, amenities and HSE controls;
  • Demolish ground slabs and ancillary site features;
  • Install site environmental controls, monitor and maintain throughout the works;
  •  grub and removal tree stumps and roots, including obtaining of tree removal permits;

Due to the location of residual gasworks waste, Liberty Industrial designed and constructed a temporary shoring system to enable excavation along site boundaries to enable excavation to a depth of approx. 4mBGS. The shoring system saw the installation of a secant pile wall through gasworks impacted materials. The piling works were completed in close proximity to occupied residential locations using stringent odour and air quality controls to allow completion the wall design included a shotcrete infill panel that was installed concurrently as excavation works progressed.

Following the secant wall construction, a purpose designed temporary tent was constructed over the primary area of excavation. This 50m x 65m tent enabled excavation and stockpiling of waste material within the tent. All works will be conducted under a negative pressure atmosphere with all air within the tent being drawn through a purpose built Emission Control System. All air within the structure is drawn through the ECS removing all nuisance odours prior to discharge to the external environment. The system was a large unit capable of treating 18cubic metres of air per second with a combination of primary particulate, secondary gas/odour and tertiary fine particle (HEPA) filters.

It is anticipated that approximately 2000m3 of material will be excavated from around the site for classification (Hazardous) and direct disposal offsite to a licensed soil treatment facility. An additional 4500m3 of material will be excavated, classified and disposed offsite for disposal to a licensed waste facility. Ina addition to the soil impacted water encountered during the works were managed via on site containment/storage, treatment and disposal. The project is being completed in line with stringent program requirement dictated by future development on the site.