Former DNSDC Refuelling Area

CLIENTDepartment of Defence

The Defence National Storage and Distribution Centre (DNSDC) Refuelling Area Remediation involved the demolition of existing superstructure such as buildings and canopy and the removal of all existing Underground Petroleum Storage System infrastructure, including all bowser pumps, associated pipework, one 65,000 litre and five 55,000 litre storage tanks with associated fittings and supply lines. Associated with the deconstruction and UPSS removal was the removal of asbestos pipes and quantities of contaminated soils of hazardous solid and

general solid waste in nature.

Liberty Industrial carried out the demolition of the canopy and office/amenities building prior to the removal of underground storage tanks which were cleaned and degassed on site. The team moved rapidly to excavate and stockpile potentially contaminated soils in conjunction with Defence’s Environmental Consultant GHD. To reduce the straight ‘dig and dump’ landfill option for contaminated soils, a new sustainable solution for the contaminated soils was provided whereby the soils are transported to a specialist waste facility for processing by intensive bioremediation. The project involved the removal of 1500 tonnes of general solid waste to the sustainable land farm, 300 tonnes to landfill, 100 tonnes of hazardous solid waste to land farm, 800 tonnes of concrete to concrete recycling and some 30 tonnes of metal waste also recycled. Over 2500 tonnes of virgin excavated material was imported into the site to backfill the waste material excavation. All this was carried out within a work area of less than a hectare, more than half of which became open excavations varying in depth from 1 to 5 metres below ground surface.