Harbour Control Tower profile1

Harbour Control Tower

DURATION10 months
CLIENTBarangaroo Delivery Authority

The Demolition of the landmark Sydney Harbour Control Tower for Barangaroo Delivery Authority, an 87 metre high concrete tower consisting of a reinforced concrete column topped by stainless steel and glass observation and operations areas.

Following the erection of a mast climbing XL work platform system via mobile cranes, and the assembly of a ‘dust proof wall’ separating the works from the surrounding public space, the roof and window facades at the top of the tower will be deconstructed via hand and again either removed via an Alimak and a mobile crane.

The works involve the removal of asbestos containing materials from the tower’s operations area. Air monitoring and asbestos clearance certification is being carried out in accordance with the relevant statutory requirements, standards, codes and guidelines.

Remote controlled excavators will be used to remove larger infrastructure, such as internal slabs and beams as well as the tower’s core. Safer and quieter than alternative equipment, they will erode the circumference of the tower with the resulting rubble pushed into the core shaft and removed from an underground void. The tower will gradually diminish in height, with levels of noise, dust, vibration and visual disturbances kept to a minimum. The debris collected from the void will be trucked offsite for recycling.

Once the core has been deconstructed to street level, mobile cranes will reposition the mast climbing work platform closer to the structure’s core. The remote controlled excavators will continue deconstructing the core until the tower’s foundations have been exposed.

The tower’s concrete footing will be deconstructed by using expandable grout or hydraulic crackers to fracture the foundation. Cracking the footing in this way enables it to be removed efficiently with minimum dust, noise and vibration.

This will be the first time this method has been used in Australia. We developed this method with our key stakeholders in mind. Mindful that the site is situated close to a residential area and is in the middle of a public space the deconstruction method has been carefully considered and tailored to minimise any inconvenience to users of Barangaroo Reserve and adjacent residents and businesses in Millers Point. The remote controlled excavators are incredibly low environmental impact in terms of noise, low dust, low vibration, so this method is ideal for the densely populated urban environment.