Jordan Springs East Site Remediation Works

LOCATIONJordan Springs, NSW
DURATION3 months
CLIENTLend Lease

The Remediation works project at the Jordan Springs East site will remove identified contaminated soils from site to an off-site disposal location; and also stockpile usable, non-contaminated material to specific locations on site to assist Lend Lease in the subsequent land development packages.

The Scope of Work includes, but is not limited to, the following works:

Establishment of construction site facilities and management of site security;

Establish relevant environmental controls;

Remediation of identified contaminated areas;

Stockpiling of usable non contaminated material to specific locations around site.

Contaminated material to be taken off site includes asbestos soils (bonded and friable), PCB’s, PAH’s, Lead and other contaminants.

The scope also includes bridge inspection, re-mulching of 27000m3 of tub ground mulch, and removal of approximately 2km of asphalt roadway.

Other works include stockpile pad preparation by compaction of existing stockpiles under Level 1 geotechnical supervision. These works include compaction of the base and preparation of the sediment basin and other site controls.