Port Kembla Coal Stacker Reclaimer

DURATION6 months
CLIENTPort Kembla Coal Terminal Ltd (PKCT)

The project involved the demolition of a coal Reclaimer and a coal Stacker at Port Kembla Coal Terminal. These machines were removed to allow the installation of new plant as part of a broader PKCT restoration and compliance project.

The decommissioned reclaimer was relocated to a dedicated demolition area, away from any live plant. This happened in 2 stages: first the machine was pulled from its stockyard, over a bridge, and away from the live conveyor line. Then the machine was transported to a further designated area for demolition and processing.

Prior to moving the structure, Liberty Industrial disconnected and extracted the impact table from underneath the Reclaimer while it was still in the stockyard, without damage to the conveyor belt. Once disconnected from all its services, the 1250t structure was pulled over purposely built extension rails to a temporary position where the machine underwent all preparatory works required for its transport using Self-Propelled Modular Trailers. To pick-up and secure the Reclaimer in position during transport, a special-purpose 40t steel “transport frame” was fabricated and mounted on the bed of the SPMT trailers.

Once lowered to the ground and secured, the structure was pre-weakened to facilitate its demolition with explosive cutting charges. The charges were placed at strategic locations and the pre-weakening cuts verified by our consulting structural engineer. After the structure was safely collapsed to ground level, a combination of 70t & 36t excavators fitted with shear attachments processed the steel structure for removal and recycling off site.

The coal Stacker to be removed is straddling an operating conveyor line. Hence the demolition methodology will involve dismantling the structure into smaller components using heavy crane lifts, with minimal impact on PKCT’s operations. To achieve this, Liberty Industrial will utilise a 600t crawler crane located within one of the coal stockyards.

Prior to the deconstruction, engineered lift studies along with structural engineering assessments will be completed - the structure will then be prepared accordingly.

After completion of the lifts, the lowered sections of the structure will be downsized at ground level, lifted onto trucks and transported to the main demolition area for processing by excavators with shear attachments. The products of demolition will then be transported off site for recycling.

The project also involves the salvage of a various range of items (i.e. drive units, electrical and PLC cabinets, cable reelers, transformers etc.) which will be retained by PKCT as spare parts for the machines still in operation inside the terminal. The salvage must happen before the demolition works can occur in order to minimise potential damage to the items – this will principally involves the use of mobile cranes to lower the items down to the ground.

As some of the works described above are shutdown dependant, all preparatory works will be carried out when the plant is still live, without disrupting PKCT’s operations.

Explosive Demolition of Port Kembla Coal Terminal Reclaimer

Explosive Demolition of Port Kembla Coal Terminal Reclaimer