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Port Kembla Coal Terminal Stacker Reclaimer

DURATION4 months
CLIENTPort Kembla Coal Terminal Ltd

The project involves the demolition of a Reclaimer and Stacker at Port Kembla Coal Terminal in order to facilitate the installation of a new Reclaimer and Stacker as part of a restoration and compliance project.

The scope of work includes the demolition of a Reclaimer which is to be removed from the stockyard over a bridge and transported to a dedicated demolition area for demolition and disposal. Prior to moving the structure, Liberty Industrial must disconnect the impact table from the reclaimer while it is still within the stockyard and without cutting or damaging the conveyor belt. Once disconnected the structure will be towed over purposely built berm extension rails where Self-Propelled Modular Transporters will be placed under the structure and utilised to transport to a designated processing area.

Once the structure has been safely positioned in the processing area it will be preweakened in order to facilitate explosive demolition with cutting charges. The cutting charges will be placed in strategic locations and verified by our consulting structural engineer. Once the structure has been safely brought to ground level, 120t & 36t excavators with shear attachments will commence processing the steel structure for removal and recycling off site.

Stacker ST4 is to be demolished while still within an operating plant in a 2 stage approach. Stage 1 will be to demolish the super-structure and Stage 2 involves demolition of the substructure. The method for demolition involves a total dismantling of the structure.

Liberty Industrial will utilise a 600t crawler crane in order to safely deconstruct the Stacker. Prior to the commencement of deconstruction, all waste oils must be drained from the stacker and disposed of. The principal also requires a number of items to be removed for salvage.

The scope entails significant pre-shutdown and shutdown works to minimise the impact on PKCT operations while safely executing the works. During one of these shut down periods, wheel chocks will be installed to prevent uncontrolled movement of the structure, the existing conveyor will be cut from the structure and a hoarding installed over the conveyor to prevent foreign objects damaging the conveyor belt during the dismantling works. Once these works have been completed the shutdown period will be lifted and Liberty Industrial can commence rigging, oxy cutting and lifting of the structure in predetermined engineered lifts.

Sections of the structure will be further downsized at ground level, lifted onto trucks, transported to the processing area and further processed by the 120t & 36t excavators for removal and recycling off site.

In post tender consultation with the principal, our third party structural engineer and our cranage contractor we developed a high level methodology with preliminary lifting plans which ultimately secured the contract for Liberty Industrial.