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Rozelle Rail Yard Demolition

CLIENTFulton Hogan

Liberty Industrial carried out the demolition of the Rozelle Rail Yards Project in Rozelle, NSW. Works formed part of the early works package associated with the development of the site as the Rozelle civil and tunnel site for the WestConnex (M4-M5 Link) Project. The project involved the removal of 27 linear kilometres of rail track and associated in-ground infrastructure including sleepers and rail turnouts. Salvageable rail was cut into 12 meter sections using a specialist rail cutting hydraulic shear mounted on a 30t excavator. These sections were loaded into shipping containers and exported for beneficial reuse. Unsalvageable rail was processed onsite for recycling in accordance with industry best practice. The logistical management of the removal of the rail infrastructure required careful oversight and traffic management to ensure minimal interruption to other activities occurring onsite. Due to the sensitive nature of works with regards to local receptors including residents and close proximity to major arterial roads, planning was critical to the success of the project.

Several items of infrastructure at the Railyards were determined to have heritage significance and were earmarked for salvage. These structures, which included a lighting tower and two rail gantries, were systematically supported, rigged to a crane, freed from their supports and lifted onto timber sleepers before being removed to a laydown area. Two of these items were close to the site boundary and main road and so required special precautions and road closures to be completed in a safe and organised manner.

The project also involved the demolition of selected buildings associated with the rail corridor including a rail platform and awning, two warehouses and three story brick building formerly known as the Ports Building. Demolition of these structures was complicated due to the presence of various hazardous materials including lead paint, lead dust, asbestos and PCB containing fixtures. All HAZMAT was meticulously removed by Liberty Industrials in-house HAZMAT teams and subsequently cleared by third party engaged Occupational Hygienists prior to the demolition of the structures. Demolition was completed using our specialist demolition excavators with both a third member rotating shear and third member rotating concrete cracker attachment.

Demolition of the Ports Building required additional care as the building was connected via a footbridge to the Victoria Road overpass. Liberty Industrial engaged with numerous stakeholders including Fulton Hogan, Roads and Maritime services and community groups to ensure that these essential demolition works were conducted with minimal impact to the community, with emphasis on safety and the surrounding environment.