Theodore Barcham

Theodore Barcham Asbestos Soil

DURATION4 months
CLIENTDepartment of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning/Economic Development Queensland

Liberty Industrial carried out the remediation of an 80,000m3 asbestos contaminated site proposed for a new road alignment within Northshore Hamilton Precinct 4B as part of the Northshore Hamilton Urban Development Project; a large waterfront urban renewal project in Brisbane, Queensland.

Previous uses of the site including uncontrolled dumping, resulted in soil contamination, with the main contaminant being asbestos containing materials. Significant asbestos remediation activities were required before the site could be redeveloped and the new road linking Theodore and Barcham streets could be constructed.

Liberty Industrial was appointed by Economic Development Queensland to carry out the requisite remediation works to decontaminate the site.

The scope of the remediation works included:

  • Site preparation;
  • Vegetation clearing and installation of environmental controls;
  • Preliminary earthworks including construction of haul roads;
  • Excavation and disposal of soils containing asbestos materials;
  • Importation of clean fill to backfill and compact up to grade;
  • Reinstatement of surfaces; and
  • Ongoing traffic management for the project duration.

Stringent procedures and controls including dedicated water carts were put in place to ensure there are no airborne asbestos fibres. Occupational Hygienists undertook daily air monitoring, validation sampling and reporting on the asbestos removal process to provide clearance to DEHP to remove the site from the contaminated sites register.