Liberty Industrial is a leading remediation contractor.

We have extensive experience in remediation works for the mining, construction, and oil and gas sectors.

Remediation is a highly specialised component of civil contracting. Liberty Industrial has the skill set and knowledge in managing environment contaminants in the soil or in water.

Our experienced staff uses the most up to date methods to provide a rapid, cost effective solution for our clients remediation requirements.

This includes removal of contaminated material and site eco-regeneration and restoration.

Liberty Industrial provides a broad range of remediation services including:

  • Contaminated and hazardous waste remediation
  • Soil stabilization and solidification
  • Bio-remediation
  • Bulk excavation
  • Detailed excavation
  • Transport and offsite disposal of materials

Remediation is a very important civil work. It involves reclamation of polluted sites by different techniques such as removal of contaminated materials, eco-regeneration and restoration of damages in the area. The task is challenging and requires highly specialised knowledge. At Liberty Industrial, we have extensive experience and the expertise required for remediation works in construction, mining and gas sectors.

Remediation is necessary in numerous instances. For instance, if you need to take up a development activity in a place that was previously used as a dump yard or a landfill, you need to have the area remediated since it might have dangerous levels of contaminants. Similarly, water bodies might need to be remediated if they contain high concentration of contaminants. Whatever your requirement, Liberty Industrial is happy to be of service.

At Liberty Industrial, we use the most advanced techniques to remediate soil and water in the safest, quickest and the most cost effective manner. Each of these tasks requires high technical knowledge and adherence to safety precautions because of the presence of different types of hazardous wastes. We offer remediation of both soil and water including surface and groundwater.

Highlights of our remediation services

Every contaminated site is unique in its composition of contaminants. So, the remediation services have to be customised based on the site. At Liberty Industrial, we evaluate the conditions of the site and plan a remediation strategy. We also help you obtain approval for remediation from the government. We offer a free quote after the initial investigation of the site.

  • Bespoke remediation solutions
  • Cost effective and time bound solutions
  • Efficient remediation project management supervisors and crew
  • Use of special technologies and advanced equipment for remediation
  • Adherence to the latest regulations and standards of Australia
  • Safe disposal of hazardous materials found during remediation

We work in liaison with you, site managers and other technical professionals involved in the project and ensure smooth execution of the task. You can be assured of complete satisfaction and a hassle free experience with us.

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