Asbestos Remediation

Liberty Industrial has completed many large and complex asbestos remediation projects.

Asbestos contamination often proves to be a large and costly unknown on a lot of soil remediation projects. The ability to respond and adapt quickly to the presence and management of asbestos on a site is critical in avoiding expensive delays and cost. Liberty Industrial is not only licensed and insured nationwide for the removal and handling of asbestos materials but we also have an in-house team of personnel who are both trained and experienced in dealing with a wide variety of asbestos problems.

Our personnel, in-house plant and operators are conversant with best practise asbestos management protocols to ensure our client’s project is not only delivered to the highest level of safety but in a quick and efficient manner.


Unrestricted Asbestos License WA

Friable Asbestos Removal License NSW, QLD, NT, ACT, TAS

Our staff hold asbestos removal licenses in WA, NSW, QLD, NT, ACT and TAS.