Crushing Services

We utilise the latest in mobile crushing technology and our fleet reflects this.

The McCloskey I44 Impactor showcases Liberty Industrial’s commitment to use technologically advanced equipment that is capable of dealing with the rigours of tough industries such as quarrying and recycling.

This unit has a wide crushing chamber with a large opening and heavy impact rotor for unrivalled production. The wide impact chamber is compact enough to allow for a high degree of portability while providing the level of production required to complete any project rapidly.

The unit’s robust and rugged versatility means it can be found working at asphalt recycling, concrete recycling and rock crushing applications and it’s this versatility that enables us to undertake crushing of a variety of materials including 'pig iron' slag Australia wide.

This robust crusher plant combines sophisticated and functional design providing the highest levels of continuous throughput and offers our customers a market leading crushing solution.

Liberty Industrial, backed by state of the art equipment such as the McCloskey 144 Impactor, offershigh quality mobile crushing services. The advanced technology and techniques we use ensure the best outcome even in rough terrains and across industries such as quarrying and recycling

About our equipment

When it comes to mobile crushing, efficiency of the work depends on two factors – efficiency of the equipment and expertise of the staff. At Liberty Industrial, we give you the best of both worlds.

The highlights of McCloskey 144 Impactor are:

  • Large opening that enables input of large quantities of materials
  • Heavy impact rotor for unmatched production
  • Compact wide impact chamber for easy portability
  • Highly versatile, enabling crushing of pig iron slag, rock, asphalt, concrete and many other materials
  • Sophisticated design with high functionality for admirable degree of throughput

Liberty Industrial evolves with technology and brings you the most advanced services at highly affordable prices. We offer custom services depending on your requirements. With the range of machinery we own, our technicians can traverse over any terrain and can crush any kind of material.

Why hire Liberty Industrial for mobile crushing?

Liberty Industrial not only offers the best on-site technical services, but also unmatched customer service. We deal with every crushing project individually, giving due consideration to the terrain, worksite conditions, client's requirements, time frame and budgetary constraints. Keeping all these factors in mind, we develop a project management strategy that ensures adherence to the highest quality standards and completion of the project as per your requirements.

Safety is one of the major considerations in quarrying and mining industries where mobile crushing is usually required. At Liberty Industrial, we train our technicians and machine operators in safe working methods. Over the years in business, we have handled several crushing operations without accidents and untoward incidents. When you hire our services, you can be assured of smooth and uneventful work at the site.

Whatever your on site crushing requirements, be it a mine, a quarry or a construction site, we are equipped to handle the job and complete it satisfactory. We also offer free quotes after considering all aspects of your requirements thoroughly.

Contact us for more information about our mobile crushing services.