Contaminated Soil Treatment

Liberty Industrial is a leading remediation contractor.

Contaminated soil arises mostly due to poor historical practises that have contaminated a site over many years. Understanding the contamination type and concentration is a key step to developing the remediation strategy and soil treatment technique to be employed.

At Liberty we seek early involvement in this process to assist in developing a sustainable and commercially favourable outcome for our clients. We employ various techniques and methods and choose the most appropriate approach for the specific problem. We develop these strategies in close consultation with all stakeholders and in the majority of situations the following soil treatment technologies can be successfully applied.

Liberty Industrial has years of experience dealing with contaminated soil and choses the best methodology which may include any of the following:

  • Enhanced Bio-remediation
  • Active Bio-Piling
  • Chemical Oxidation Techniques
  • Immobilisation & Solidification
  • Chemical Fixation/immobilisation
  • Engineered Solutions
  • Capping & On-site Containment
  • Fully engineered cell construction
  • HDPE, geosynthetics and clay liners
  • Leachate collection and gas-drainage systems
  • Cut-off / and reactive barrier wall

Liberty has extensive experience in the application of various soil treatment techniques and has completed large scale projects for clients including BHP & Rio-Tinto. Our in-house fleet of large equipment enables us to provide cost competitive solutions to the mining and heavy industrial sectors.

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