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    An award-winning provider of specialist decommissioning, deconstruction, remediation, civil contracting, and industrial services across Australia – and beyond.

Our Services

Liberty Industrial Deconstruction, Demolition


Explosive, Mechanical, High-Reach or Induced Collapse. Demolition versatility makes us uniquely positioned to deliver even the toughest projects.

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Liberty Industrial Remediation, Demolition


We develop strategic and innovative solutions that ensure remediation options are not only commercially viable but environmentally sustainable.

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Liberty Industrial Civil Contracting

Civil Contracting

We provide complete solutions. Continuity of works, an accelerated delivery schedule and cost savings are just some of the synergy benefits of our integrated offering.

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Liberty Industrial Industrial Services

Industrial Services

We understand the importance of innovative and sustainable waste management solutions supported by expert personnel and leading-edge technology.

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Specialist Expertise,
Perfectly Executed.

We deliver real value by providing complete solutions for the world’s large and most complex demolition and remediation projects.

This is underpinned by our ability to offer a comprehensive range of integrated capabilities, including demolition, dismantling services, decommissioning and hazardous materials removal, industrial cleaning, land remediation, site rehabilitation, site preparation and civil contracting and consulting services.

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Innovative Thinking,
Robust Solutions.

Investment in the future is our priority. And for us, utilising the most advanced technology and equipment in combination with our ability to leverage the best minds in the business has ensured we deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions that maximise value for our clients and project stakeholders – every time.

Our pursuit of excellence is relentless and drives us to be bold, to challenge convention, and always find new ways to exceed expectations.