Liberty Industrial is a socially responsible organisation that understands the importance of supporting the communities in which we operate and the people who call these communities home. 

Our business strategy focuses on mutually beneficial initiatives for engaging communities. This is realised through procurement policies and procedures that reflect our long-term commitment to ensuring locally owned and operated businesses and individuals share the economic and capacity building benefits projects bring to the regions we work in. 

Our employment and procurement policies reflect our support of sustainable procurement practices and incorporate strategies for engaging with local businesses and people. This commitment is reflected in Liberty Industrial’s ‘Buy Local Guidelines’, and through active engagement with local communities to identify opportunities for local businesses and individuals to contribute to project delivery.  

We also support a range of initiatives and charitable organisations that align with our ambitions for social diversity, health and wellbeing, education, job creation and community development including: 

  • Seeking interest from young, unemployed, and disadvantaged local individuals to explore and offer opportunities for individual skills and employment. 
  • Identify individuals who are ready to join the workforce after providing them with short training courses.
  • Identify businesses in the local community area who can provide goods and services associated with a project; and
  • Consult with local organisations and bodies to identify disadvantaged or vulnerable jobseekers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.