Liberty Industrials supply chain comprises worldwide suppliers providing a wide range of support functions and products including Labour hire, bulk fuel, crane hire, plant & equipment hire, waste removal, training, tools & consumables, safety equipment, maintenance, information technology, cleaning and security. In 2018 Liberty Industrial worked with over 268 suppliers all of which are managed through our head office procurement team.

To assess human rights risks across our business liberty industrial has engaged a top tier operational and strategic risk based approach.

Liberty industrial recognises the risk of legislative breaches and unethical or reputational risk when engaging suppliers. Heightened risk exposures have been identified where external or indirectly engaged supply chains are not captured.

Liberty Industrial is committed to building and strengthening our existing policies and practices to eliminate human rights violations including modern slavery within our supply chain through our engagement processes.

In 2019, we continue to make our expectations of suppliers clear through our evaluation process. The company annual review has operated as an effective communication tool to review and identify changes needed within the supplier engagement process and procurement procedures. Changes to these procedures have allowed the company to selectively engage suppliers who can provide transparency on their supply chains.

Liberty Industrial will continue to audit and assess the risk periodically and make changes when necessary.

Moving into 2019 liberty aims to provide additional training for employees responsible for managing suppliers on our human rights obligations. We will continue to set clear expectations and communicate and educate workers on modern slavery, to build a progressive organisational culture of human rights.