Sustainability is an increasing focus and necessity in today’s society.

We take a proactive and innovative approach to resource recovery, ensuring waste is managed responsibly and sustainably, and that all possible materials are recovered.

Liberty Industrial is constantly striving to achieve the best possible recycling and resource recovery options for our clients. Projects delivered by Liberty Industrial are routinely achieving upwards of 96% recovery, creating value for all project stakeholders.

We have an established national network of waste recovery and recycling resources to ensure we not only provide the most sustainable solutions, but also optimise salvage and resource recovery value to deliver positive commercial outcomes to our clients.

Liberty Industrial provide the following resource recovery services:

  • Scrap metal processing and recycling
  • Precious metal segregation and salvage
  • Screening for waste minimisation
  • Onsite crushing for reuse
  • Resale options for recycled materials
  • Reuse of recycled materials for engineered remediation solutions or rehabilitation