Moorebank Intermodal Demolition & Remediation Case Study Webinar  

29 October 2019 – Liberty Industrial’s General Manager, David Wood, will present an ALGA Webinar on Liberty Industrial’s ALGA Award winning Moorebank Intermodal Demolition and Remediation Project.

The project involved the delivery of an extensive and complex demolition, remediation and civil works undertaking, incorporating three concurrent site preparation work packages associated with the construction of Australia’s largest Intermodal Terminal.

The two year project saw in excess of 300 buildings demolished including extensive hazardous materials removal, over 180,000 tonnes of brick, concrete and asphalt recycled and in excess of 200,000 tonnes of contaminated soil remediated. In addition, 90km of redundant services infrastructure was removed and backfilled under a stringent geotechnical specification.