Beneficiation Plant

Port Hedland, WA


6 months


BHP Billiton Iron Ore

Project Overview

Liberty Industrial was engaged by BHP Billiton Iron Ore to safely demolish and remove the complex and challenging Beneficiation Plant at Boodarie, Western Australia. The project consisted of the demolition of heavy mining infrastructure and a network of overhead conveyor lines along with the removal of 19,500 tonnes of in-ground concrete.

The conveyor lines were demolished using the combination of 120 tonne and 70 tonne excavators with third member rotating shears by weakening the legs of the structure and pulling it to the ground in a controlled manner.

The demolition of the main plant was achieved by utilising our massive 230t Liebherr 994 (the largest demolition excavator in Australia) with custom demolition grab.The excavator pulled the structure apart, working in combination with a smaller fleet excavators equipped with shear attachments. The plant was then systematically demolished and processed the steel into pieces small enough for export.

The in-ground concrete structures were excavated and exposed and then broken into manageable pieces using hydraulic rock breakers on 36t and 46t excavators. The concrete rubble was then loaded into a 40t moxy for transport to the on-site concrete storage yard. There it was pulverised to 80mm minus and had the reinforcing removed. The specialist expertise of Liberty Industrial’s key personnel together with the latest demolition technology was critical for ensuring a safe, effective and successful outcome to the project.