Clyde Refinery Bioremediation

Clyde, NSW


6 months


Viva Energy Australia

Project Overview

Liberty Industrial was engaged to remediate approximately 200 tonnes of heavily impacted bitumen contaminated soil at VIVA Energy’s Clyde facility.

Waste classification was initially conducted, with the material classified as hazardous due to the high end hydrocarbon impact.

Various options and treatment methods for remediation were explored, and as there was a capacity at the facility for beneficial reuse of this material, Enhanced Bioremediation was chosen as the treatment method, as it was determined to be the most cost effective and sustainable option.

In order to increase the bioavailability of the bitumen compounds, Liberty Industrial conducted trials in order to determine the most suitable surfactant mixture. This mixture was then added to the soil, as well as further soil ameliorants in order to provide the most suitable environment to facilitate bioremediation.

Throughout the process, the soil was monitored and adjustments made ensuring this environment was kept close to optimal. Currently, the material has seen a significant reduction in starting concentration, with site reuse criteria anticipated to be achieved two months ahead of the original program.