Middle Robe Demolition & Remediation

Pannawonica, WA


10 weeks


Rio Tinto

Project Overview

Liberty Industrial was engaged by Rio Tinto Iron Ore to conduct demolition and rehabilitation works in various locations across 35km of a non operational mine known as Deepdale in Pannawonica, situated 200km South West of Karratha, in Western Australia.

The works at the Deepdale site involved the detailing of the MEM workshop building via removal of all loose furnishings, overhead internal gantry cranes,electrical cables, lighting, roller doors and demolition of adjoining asbestos lined offices. The demolition of two standalone administrations buildings which contained asbestos bonded sheeting to walls and ceilings and asbestos vinyl floor tiles. The demolition of the ANFO steel shed structure and ANFO concrete storage structure. Demolition of a refuelling and lubrication facility including the removal of residual waste oils and the removal and disposal of various equipment across the area including a redundant transformer, old conveyors and power poles. All slabs, plinths and hardstands in this area were demolished and disposed at the nearby facility in Pannawonica.

Other works across the wider Middle Robe region included the removal of steel culverts. Upon initial discussions with Rio Tinto it was agreed that the culverts would be removed as a priority. The culverts were situated in an adjacent Robe River which is subject to flooding. Three weeks after Liberty Industrial removed the culverts Robe River flooded and would have all but made it impossible to remove the culverts. Works in this area also included the removal of haul pack tyres spread across Middle Robe and taken to Mesa J tyre dump and the stabilisation of a redundant underground storage tank.

Upon completion of demolition works the whole of the site was levelled and rehabilitated to ensure water run off occurred close to the original natural conditions site.