Northern Link Camp

Karratha, WA


3 months


Rio Tinto

Project Overview

The project involved the demolition and rehabilitation of a 300 person iron ore mine camp located in the Pilbara region, including the demobilisation and dismantling of nominated accommodation units and buildings for transport and shipping to another mine camp.

The demobilisation works to all accommodation modules and buildings included soft stripout and disposal of all loose furnishings, disconnection of services and encapsulate for efficient reconnection, degassing air conditioning units, securing and wrapping all internal components, decommissioning of awnings and posts to modules, unclamping footing connections to the modules and structures, craning modules and structures onto transportation services for shipping.

The demobilisation works also included the dismantling and packing of the administration office, shop, cricket nets, light poles and free standing awnings for re-use and shipping to another location.

The demolition works involved the soft stripout and disposal off all waste from the nominated structures, disconnection of services, degassing and disposal of air conditioning units, the establishment of environmental controls and bunding to heritage areas, the demolition of all nominated low rise structures including slab on ground, pile caps, hardstands, plinths, pavements and kerbs, the demolition of a waste water treatment plant, including removal and disposal of contaminated waste from the tanks, the removal of the evaporation pond walls and liners and the stockpiling of all blue metal hardstands on site for future use. All services pits were capped and covered and their locations plotted by a surveyor for possible re-use in the future.

Upon completion of the demolition works phase of the project, rehabilitation works commenced. This involved earthworks to regard the site to the natural ground and prevent pooling and targeted soil testing to ensure the site was free of contaminants.