Olympic Dam Bypass Stack

Olympic Dam, NSW


5 weeks


BHP Billiton

Project Overview

Liberty Industrial was sole sourced for the deconstruction of a failed stack standing within an operating Acid Plant at Olympic Dam mining facility. We were selected on the strength of our reputation as an industrial demolition specialist.

In order to demolish the 110 metre high stack five specialist demolition/riggers/cutters using a 220 tonne mobile crane were used to remove the stack sections. The stack had failed in multiple locations due to corrosion and general deterioration. This meant the stack first needed to be stabilised throughout the structure. When it was safe to do so, the sections were cut and removed in approximately 8 metre lengths at strategic location to ensure structural stability was maintained throughout at all times.

The initial project planning phase of the works consisted of three weeks on site ensuring the execution was systematic and to plan. The project was completed ahead of time and without incident.

We erected scaffold around the stack – 105 metre high. The next step was to strategically strengthen and stabilise the entire stack structure. Then cutting locations were marked out prior to any works commencing.

Access holes were cut out to enable the chains of the crane to pass through the stack to lift out each segment above each strategically placed stabilisation location. A 220 tonne crane was used for each lift.

The eight metre section of steel stack was cut out by hand using oxy-gas and slowly guided up and through the stack support structure. This process was used for each eight metre section until the stack was removed.

Miscellaneous large pipes and ductwork were also required to be removed at the completion of the stack work to make the area safe and to enable new infrastructure to be installed.

Due to the constraints of the site and potential for contamination, all materials were removed and disposed of on site.