Asbestos has left a significant legacy since it ceased being used in domestic building materials in the 1980’s and was completely banned from use in Australia in December 2003. Poor practices with regard to how the material was used, handled and subsequently removed has resulted in a significant quantity of older brownfield sites having the material present in the soils. Even when a site appears to have no visible asbestos left or contained in any of the existing buildings the likelihood of it being encounters in fill soils remains very high.

It is a regulatory requirement that all buildings that are scheduled for demolition have a comprehensive and thorough hazardous material survey conducted by a Licensed Asbestos Assessor prior to demolition. Any former industrial or commercial use site will also require a comprehensive environmental assessment to be undertaken to ensure no past practices or spills have resulted in the underlying soils or groundwater being contaminated.

Liberty Industrial has a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the regulatory requirements to remediate such sites including maintaining all the applicable licences to legally and safely remove both and friable asbestos materials. Liberty Industrial has in-house specialised Asbestos Supervisors and Removalist’s that have extensive experience in the execution of asbestos soil remediation.

Liberty Industrial take significant pride in our ability to develop innovative methods for the remediation of asbestos in soil including.

  • Spreading, picking and removal of visible bonded materials to enable validation and reuse of impacted soils
  • Innovative waste picking lines and screening operations for the removal of bonded fragments in a safe and efficient manner
  • Design of emplacement cells and the subsequent relocation and capping of impacted soils on site in designated cell areas like open space including landscaped area, under roads, slabs or basements