Poor historical practices including the mishandling of wastes, chemicals and hazardous substances have resulted in significant contamination problems in soil. Legacy industrial sites can have highly complex problems in relation to residual soil and groundwater impacts that have occurred over years and even decades of miss-management.

Detailed Site Assessments and development of Remediation Action Plans by third party consultants can often leave site owners in a state of uncertainty where they really don’t understand the actual issues they face. Liberty Industrial has significant expertise in the interpretation of these reports and can offer clear and unbiased advice on possible courses of action to effectively deal with these contamination issues.

Liberty Industrial’s experienced personnel can assist you to develop innovative and practical solution that makes sense and above all offer value for money and a real solution to your problem.

We offer various contaminated soil solutions depending on the type of contaminant of concern including bioremediation, phytodegradation or chemical reduction for the treatment of organic based contamination to solidification/immobilisation and chemical fixation for the treatment of inorganics or heavy metal contamination.

Liberty Industrial offer engineered solutions including containment cells, capping, cut off walls and relocation often provide commercially viable and attractive solutions to large scale contaminated sites where the cost of offsite disposal or management is not viable.

Liberty Industrial pride ourselves on our ability to assess each site on its merits and offer our clients innovative, and above all, flexible solutions to complex and multifaceted site specific problems.