Extreme Loading Software from Applied Science International is a unique simulation technology for three-dimensional modelling and analysing the demolition of structures subjected to extreme loads. 

Liberty Industrial in collaboration with Applied Sciences International can model and simulate proposed demolition methodologies before execution. 

The software enables us to model specific demolition scenarios long before site work commences and serves as a key risk minimisation strategy for clients with large, technically challenging projects. 

By modelling a structure and then running the demolition plan, we can test several different plans and ‘what-if’ scenarios. The software allows us to visually demonstrate to the client what will happen in any given scenario. 

The vulnerability simulations that the system generates provide views of assessments that are easily understood by engineers and non-engineers alike. This gives owners and decision-makers a clearer perspective on what they need to know to protect their people, their property, and their future. 

Liberty Industrial has used the software to model and simulate some of the most technically challenging demolition projects including the 104-metre high, 40,000-tonne Boodarie Hot Briquette Iron Reactor Structure, 75-metre high, 1700-tonne HISmelt Kwinana Preheater structure and the 65-metre tall, 1,500 tonne Clyde Refinery Reactor and Stripper structure.