Liberty Industrial is recognised as a leading explosive demolition contractor. With an in-house team of qualified explosive engineers and shot firers, we have a proven record of accomplishment of successful demolition of both reinforced concrete and heavy steel industrial structures including large process plants, power stations and chimney stacks. 

Liberty Industrial is well equipped to manage the risks associated with large scale, technically complex explosive demolitions. 

Strategically designed demolition methodologies ensure we can manage the risks associated with complex explosive demolition events. This includes preparation of: 

  • Risk Management Workshops 
  • Explosive Management Plans 
  • Blast Day Plans 
  • Detailed Engineering Analysis with Third-Party Review 
  • Detailed Pre-Weakening Work Method Statements 
  • Estimates On Expected Ground Vibration & Air Blast Overpressure 
  • Blast Day Environmental Monitoring Plans 
  • Stakeholder Management Plans 
  • Liaising with Regulators for Required Approvals 

Our demolition methodologies are designed and vetted by our highly qualified and vastly experienced explosives and structural engineers, who work closely with our licenced shot firers, project managers and key stakeholders to carefully engineer and precisely execute the safe demolition of these structures.