Liberty Industrial offers a diverse range of remediation solutions for contaminated wastewater, groundwater and surface water treatment, containment, and management. We offer complete and cost-efficient water treatment solutions, catering to mining and resources, oil, gas, heavy industrial, government and land development industries. 

Liberty Industrial can assist with the design and operation of systems that treat a wide range of contaminants with the following treatment solutions: 

  • Segregation, collection, treatment, storage, reuse, and disposal of wastewater 
  • In situ pump and treat systems 
  • Permeable reactive barrier installation 
  • Sludge dewatering 
  • Stormwater management 
  • Leachate treatment 
  • Reverse osmosis 
  • Flocculation 
  • Precipitation 
  • Filtration 

As an extension of our capability in water treatment and commitment to the environment, Liberty Industrial acquired two high flow Chemically Enhanced Dual Media Water Treatment Plants. Capable of treating a variety of contaminants to levels below laboratory reporting limits, the water quality produced is suitable to be reused on-site or discharged to the environment in areas that have the highest level of protection. To learn more, click here.