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Liberty Industrial has a history of innovation and our team is committed to delivering world class outcomes and solving problems for our clients. We foster an innovative and high performing company culture that encourages our workforce to think progressively, challenge the status quo and leverage technology to deliver innovative and resourceful solutions that make the demolition environment safer, more sustainable and more efficient.

With an enviable track record, and an uncompromising approach to safety, community and the environment, Liberty Industrial will continue to deliver large and technical challenging projects to the highest compliance standards and to the satisfaction of all project stakeholders.

Our approach to subcontracting is one of collaboration and inclusion, our subcontractors and suppliers form an integral part of every delivery. In contracting with us, your experience will on every occasion be guided by our core values underpin our business practices and guide our daily operations:

  • Safety: Safety is our highest priority and the foundation of everything we do
  • Excellence: We strive for industry leadership, best practice and operational excellence
  • Innovation: We challenge the status quo and leverage technology to deliver resourceful solutions that benefit our stakeholders
  • Sustainability: We are committed to exemplary environmental performance and stewardship
  • People: We value our people, we value social diversity, and we are committed to supporting and contributing to the community
  • Mutual value: We aim to create shared value and build enduring, mutually beneficial relationships

Liberty Industrial are committed to maximising local and indigenous industry engagement on this project. Our employment and procurement policies reflect our support of sustainable procurement practices and incorporate strategies for engaging with local businesses.

Liberty Industrial encourages our project delivery teams to give preference to locally sourced subcontractors and suppliers provided they meet the criteria outline in our purchasing guidelines and our subcontractor assessment, selection and approval process.

A list of our current tenders and projects are listed below. Please register your interest where applicable.

General Expression of Interest

Liberty Industrial invites suppliers to ‘register interest’ by providing us with information about your business to help us understand the nature and scope of the goods and services you offer. Complete the online form on the Supplier Registration page

Chevron Thevenard Island Onshore Decommissioning Project

Liberty Industrial is currently tendering for the Chevron Thevenard Island Onshore Decommissioning Project and is seeking Expressions of Interest for the trades required on the project as well as other key supply opportunities.

Businesses interested in providing goods and services to Liberty Industrial for this project are encouraged to send an expression of interest to or contact the team for further details.

The works to be delivered as part of the project include Onshore Decommissioning and Remediation Activities (including the reinstatement of the land profile) in support of Thevenard Island Retirement Project. Contractor shall provide equipment and personnel to assist the Company to dismantle, stockpile, transport and dispose redundant infrastructure, facilities and utilities and to remediate and reprofile land on Thevenard Island. Scope of work includes (but not limited to):

  1. Marine transport for all equipment, plant, waste, consumables, and supplies to and from Thevenard Island.
  2. Demolition, dismantling, stockpiling and removal of redundant infrastructure, facilities and utilities, e.g. tanks (including 3 oil storage tanks – 56.5m diameter, 22.3m height), plant, pipelines, cables etc., on Thevenard Island.
  3. Segregate and transport waste, including fluids, for disposal or recycling on the mainland.
  4. Segregate, transport and sale of scrap metals
  5. On-site crushing of concrete and concrete stabilized sands. 6. Assist the Company with excavation and on-site remediation of impacted soils.
  6. Reinstate the island land profile
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